Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time for REAL Representation! (Part V)

Here is part V in my six-part series illustrating how the average American is not truly represented in Congress, because very, very few Congresspersons entered Congress upon leaving common, everyday jobs paying average-sized paychecks.

Below you will find states in alphabetical order, listing both the Representatives and Senators for each state. After each Congressperson's name is their party affiliation, followed by the types of occupations they held prior to coming to Congress. The numbers refer to that state's Congressional district numbers. S=Senator, A=Attorney, D=Democrat, I=Independent, R=Republican, and P=Politician (a person who never worked in a significant private industry job and instead served as a mayor or political assistant and rose up through party ranks).

As you will see, nearly all of the occupations listed are from high paying fields of law, business, or elevated positions in education. I have still not found any dishwashers, custodians, shoe salespersons, foundry workers, deliverypersons, retail clerks, painters, beauticians, or other average, everyday workers that are in our Congress (but I will keep looking). Perhaps this is the reason Congress often seems to pass legislation beneficial mainly to big business or special interests, but not to the general public. They evidently just don't know or understand us, our concerns, and our real needs. For some reason we have apparently been brainwashed into thinking people just like us don't belong in Congress, and that we should be represented solely by upper class and upper income professionals. This is curious, as many "average" folk display more common sense, fairness, conscientiousness, and thriftiness each day than do many of these so-called professionals in an entire term.

I hope each of you will flood your party's precinct causes next year and think about this as you nominate prospective candidates for U.S. House and Senate!
1. G.K. Butterfield D A
2. Bob Etheridge D Farmer
3. Walter B. Jones R Distributor
4. David Price D College Professor
5. Virginia Foxx R College Professor, Administrator (sure doesn't show it!)
6. Howard Coble R A
7. Mike McIntyre D A
8. Larry Kissell D Teacher, Textile Worker
9. Sue Wilkins Myrick R Advertising Exec
10. Patrick McHenry R Realtor
11. Heath Shuler D Former NFL Quarterback, Farmer, Realtor
12. Mel Watt D A
13. Brad Miller D A
S. Richard Burr R Sales Exec
S. Kay Hagan D A, Banker
At large. Earl Pomeroy D A
S. Byron Dorgan D Aerospace Manager, Author
S. Kent Conrad D Tax Commissioner
1. Steve Driehaus D Educator
2. Jean Schmidt R P
3. Michael R. Turner R A
4. Jim Jordan R P
5. Bob Latta R A
6. Charlie Wilson D Mortician
7. Steve Austria R Financial Planner
8. John Boehner R Business Consultant
9. Marcy Kaptur D Urban Planner
10. Dennis Kucinich D P
11. Marcia Fudge D A
12. Pat Tiberi R Real Estate agent
13. Betty Sitton D A
14. Steve LaTourette R A
15. Mary Jo Kilroy D A
16. John Boccieri Military, P
17. Tim Ryan D P
18. Zack Space D A
S. George Voinovich R A
S. Sherrod Brown D Teacher
1. John Sullivan R Real Estate broker
2. Dan Boren D High School Administrator
3. Frank Lucas R Rancher
4. Tom Cole R College Professor
5. Mary Fallin R P
S. Jim Inhofe R Insurance Exec
S. Tom Coburn R Physician
1. David Wu D A
2. Greg Walden R Broadcasting Exec
3. Earl Blumenauer D A
4. Peter DeFazio D Gerontologist
5. Kurt Shrader D Veterinarian
S. Ron Wyden D Legal Services Exec
S. Jeff Merkley D Budget/Policy Analyst, Congressional Budget Office
1. Bob Brady D Union Leader
2. Chaka Fattah D P
3. Kathy Dahlkemper D Landscaping Contractor
4. Jason Altmire D Health Care Exec
5. Glenn Thompson R Health Care Exec
6. Jim Gerlach R A, P
7. Joe Sestak D Military
8. Patrick Murphy D A
9. Bill Shuster R Auto Dealer
10. Chris Carney D College Professor
11. Paul E. Kanjorski D A
12. John Murtha D Sm. business owner
13. Allyson Schwartz D Clinic Executive Director, P
14. Michael F. Doyle D Insurance Agent
15. Charlie Dent R P
16. Joseph R. Pitts R Teacher
17. Tim Holden D Real Estate/Insurance Agent
18. Tim Murphy R Psychologist
19. Todd Platts R A
S. Arlen Spector D A
S. Bob Casey Jr. D A
1. Patrick J. Kennedy D P
2. James Langevin D P
S. Jack Reed D A
S. Sheldon Whitehouse D A
1. Henry E. Brown Jr. R Grocery Exec
2. Joe Wilson R A
3. J. Gresham Barrett R Businessman
4. Bob Inglis R A
5. John Spratt D A
6. Jim Clyburn D P
S. Lindsey Graham R A
S. Jim DeMint R Marketing Consultant
At large. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin D A
S. Tim Johnson D A
S. John Thune R Association Exec, P
1. Phil Roe R Gynecologist
2. John J. Duncan Jr. R A, Judge
3. Zach Wamp R Real Estate Broker
4. Lincoln Davis D P
5. Jim Cooper D A
6. Bart Gordon D A
7. Marsha Blackburn R Retail Marketer
8. John S. Tanner D A
9. Steve Cohen D A
S. Lamar Alexander R A
S. Bob Corker R Construction Exec, Real Estate Magnate
Part VI, the grand finale of this series, will appear toward the end of next week. It will include the states of Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. I will also feature some concluding remarks.

NEXT UP: Something more current and topical. Watch for it!


Stella said...

Hi James,

Followed you here from Sodazee. Your comment about "who's more evil, Rumsfeld or Cheney" was great.

This is a great post. You reminded me to be thankful for my representatives.

One of my senators is Barbara Boxer. She's amazing and I am not sure I've ever disagreed with her.

Sen. Feinstein's so-so but excellent environmentally. Our current Attorney General is Jerry Brown who may be in the race for governor again in 2010. No more Ahnold, thank goodness. My Congressman is Henry Waxman: he's always been proactive for his constituents.

You're absolutely right that the average American does not have good representation. I do, and know I'm lucky.

Thanks for a great end to my day. I don't get much blog time in anymore, but I'm looking forward to visiting again. Great blog!

Jack Jodell said...

Thank you for your kind words, and thanks for stopping by. You are always welcome here. You are indeed very fortunate to have outstandingly progressive representation like Waxman and Boxer. This country (and the world) would be far better off with more Waxmans, Boxers, Feingolds, Sherrod Browns, and Kuciniches in Washington! How so many conservative Republicans and week-kneed Democrats can exist in Congress without really understanding or delivering for their constituency is way beyond me. Looks like it's up to fair-minded, progressive people like us to keep making noise! Thanks again, Stella, and don't be a stranger! :)