Friday, December 10, 2010


The President has been taking an unprecedented amount of grief from his own party for having abandoned his pledge to let his predecessor's generous corporate welfare plan for the rich expire at the end of the year, as it was supposed to.

The Republicans, the PARTY OF THE RICH, appear poised to start the new year with not only control of the House, but their dearest and fondest hope about to realized: continuation of the Bush tax cuts for the rich. They have told us all along that cutting taxes on the wealthy would end uncertainty and lead to the creation of new jobs. We here in the sane world know that this is absolute rubbish. Having had these cuts in place since 2001, the only real job growth we have seen has come under the Obama administration, and that was due to his controversial Stimulus Plan. Job growth rates for the entire Bush presidency ranked the LOWEST of any President since the Great Depression. Still, the Republican Party clings to the myth that tax cuts for millionaires = jobs. OK, Rrpublicans: I'm calling your bluff. Starting with my January 3, 2011 post, I will ask at the very top of the page, "WHERE ARE THE JOBS, MR. BOEHNER?" I will continue to ask this question until the national unemployment rate falls below 7%. I know this may not happen at all during the next 2 years, but here is the challenge nonetheless.

So consider yourselves forewarned, Republicans. You won't have the Democrats or anyone else to blame if these tax cuts do not produce the jobs you say they will. For now you've been granted the second chance you've been hoping for. No longer will you be able to hide behind or blame anyone else. Now it will be up to YOU to put ip or shut up. Will you be up to the challenge?

I doubt it.


Bill's Big Bamboo said...

The only new jobs the "rich" will create with the extension of the Bush Taxes, are to -- maybe -- hire an extra gardner, nanny or limo driver.

But that said -- what happens in two years if the taxes ARE "extended" as the Republicans want ?? Doesn't this whole process start again ??

Extend the tax cuts for two years, but with a provision they CAN NOT BE EXTENDED ANY FURTHER THAN 2012.

Or ... am I dreaming again ??

Jack Jodell said...

Bill's Big Bamboo,
Thanks for stopping by! I LIKE your idea! But I don't think today's wimpy Dems would even propose such a thing...

Lisa G. said...

It didn't work for the last 10 years, nor for the last 30 years, either. Bush created a $1M net job increase; Clinton 22M jobs. And we are talking about 4% here for the highest earners. I highly doubt we'll be seeing them in soup kitchens for the restoration of the Bush cuts.

Jack Jodell said...

Right on, Lisa G! As I've said for quite some time, the American worker has been getting f--ked for the past 30 years!

SJ said...

Amen Jack.
As William Holden said in Lumet and chayefsky's Network
"...It's the indvidual that's finished..."

Jack Jodell said...

Not THIS individual (and I suspect, not you either). GREAT JOB ON THE FILM, by the way! You and Michael are very, very gifted!

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

I'm so disappointed in the Demos for potraying a understanding of the needs of working people,I have little faith that they will grow a pair anytime soon!

Oso said...

Exactly what you and Lisa said. Tax cuts didn't create jobs the past 10 years (the few jobs created overwhelmingly housing bubble/HELOC)but an extension would magically turn things around.
They'll blame the stimulus as well as fiscal policy (deficit overwhelmingly automatic stabilizers) and with Fox News leading the way and the rest of the MSM attempting to prove they aren't liberal it will work for quite a while.

Jack Jodell said...

You are absolutely right.
We'll just have to see what kind of spin Fox puts on all of it and whether or not it will work. One thing for sure: A Republican must NJOT get hold of the White House in 3012!

Marc McDonald said...

I'm sure nothing would warm the hearts of the Repukes more than if the jobless rate stayed high through 2012. After all, the Cons' own stated goal is to make Obama a one-term president.
Given the short attention span of the average U.S. voter, I doubt the GOP will pay any sort of long-term political price for this sort of destructive partisan strategy.

Jerry said...

What kills me is that the party of the rich continues to be supported in Kentucky by people who grew up like I did. Many the day we couldn't afford roaches. still, my fellow "outs" continue to vote for those who could give a fig about their well being. I repectfully ask that you pull up my blog and see that there are others who see the duplicity of people like Mitch McConnell.

Jack Jodell said...

The next two years should prove VERY interesting!

Jack Jodell said...

I visited your site and left a message. Good job, and I agree that the Senate rules need to be completely revised. Thanks for visiting here.

JMyste said...

I am going to play devil's advocate: The tax cuts may have created some jobs. Unemployment may be at 20 percent if not for them. I am sure that is not the case, but I am also sure that there are not real scientific studies of the effect of tax cuts for the wealthy.

I totally agree that tax cuts for the wealthy is not the best approach for creating jobs. Using that same money to fund needed government projects, like moving our highway system into the 20th century, working on renewable resource designs, etc. would definitely create jobs and we would not have to wonder if it did.

However, that approach has one major flaw: then the wealthiest Americans may get scared and fire their butlers. Mr. Jodell, I think you are heartless where butlers are concerned, even though you are smart in matters of tax and employment overall.

Get it? Neither do I. Good night.


Jack Jodell said...

You have a good sense of humor!