Wednesday, October 6, 2010


With midterm elections just under a month away, and with a sizable share of the electorate actively contemplating voting for Tea Party and conservative Republican candidates, I thought it might be useful to portray in pictures what a radically changed Tea Party / Republican America might look like should they gain control and implement their policies...

Those on the far right don't believe in social programs. They think they coddle the poor. Therefore, they would love to cut back on or eradicate programs like Welfare and Aid for Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). They believe the "free market" approach of giving the wealthy huge tax breaks will create massive employment and prosperity. WE all know otherwise, but the Tea Party/conservative Republican message to these poor kids and their parents would be simply "get a job!"

Tea Party/Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller in Alaska has said that he believes both unemployment benefits and the minimum wage are unconstitutional. Senate candidate Sharron Angle in Nevada has echoed these beliefs, and Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann has even advocated doing away with the minimum wage altogether. Expect more scenes like this if the Tea Party and Republican candidates have their way and do away with both the minimum wage and unemployment benefits.

Joe Miller, Sharron Angle, Delaware Tea Party/conservative Republican Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell, and many other teabaggers and conservative Republicans want to privatize Social Security, replacing the safety net we currently have (which works reasonably well) with private retirement funds set up on Wall Street. Nice idea - on paper, at least. But while the elderly would prosper during periods of boom, in periods of bust like we're in right now, they would have little or no money to live on. Do you want future generations of elderly to end up like this guy, a bum on the street subsisting on a liquid alcohol diet? I sure don't!

Tea Party Republican Rand Paul, candidate for Senate in Kentucky, has questioned the constitutionality of federal civil rights laws, and has stated he thinks it is wrong that the federal government can enforce these laws in private businesses and organizations. His belief seems not only unfair, but wildly out of touch and out of date with the mores now held by the overwhelming majority of citizens. Is THIS what we want - a return to a divided, separate but equal America?

ALL the Tea Party and Republican candidates have roundly condemned the President's economic stimulus program and have vowed they will support no more bailouts. Presumably, they would just let our banks go under and our big auto companies go out of business. As they all favor less regulation of business, they would stand by and let the market "fix" itself while millions more would suffer loss of employment and foreclosure. This approach didn't work for Herbert Hoover in 1929, so there is absolutely no reason it would work now or going forward. If these far right people gain power and implement their very flawed economic policy, you had best start saving odds and ends and raw materials so you'll be warm and comfortable when you lose YOUR home and have to start living like THIS poor fellow!

Joe Miller, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Christine O'Donnell, Marco Rubio (Tea Party/Republican Senate candidate in Florida), House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH),, his little parrot House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA), as well as Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), have all come out in support of rolling back government regulation of businrss. So if they gain majority power, get ready to hurl like the man at left. For these far right teabaggers and conservatue Republicabs will contribute to even more food poisoning from tainted meat, fish, eggs, poultry, and produce due to lax regulations on our food industry. Donj't worry too much, though - the market will "fix" itself all by itself, just like they claim. Didn't you know that? NOT!

NRA and gun enthusiasts everywhere, let up a cheer! Once Sharron Angle and the other Tea Party/Republican candidates strengthen the Second Amendment even further, there will be no more pesky regulation on handguns and assault rifles. EVERYBODY will be free to exercise his or her "second amendment remedies" whenever and wherever they see fit, and scenes like this at left will be commonplace on every American street. We'll be FAR safer with more guns in more hands, won't we? Just think - now ALL will be able to freely shoot ANY hated Muslim, politician, or even YOU, on sight! Gotta love that second amendment!

Joe Miller, Sharron Angle, and numerous other teabagger/Republican candidates are also making noise about privatizing MEDICARE and the VA, and repealing the Obama health care plan that was just passed. Rather than lowering the cost of health care as all of these conservatives claim, this rash position would actually RAISE the cost of health care! Why? Because in the case of the VA and Medicare, YOU, the consumer, would be paying an additional 15-20% or more to accomodate private profit margin, something you are currently NOT paying. This would make YOU poorer, but would make wealthy stockholders and giant health care providers even wealthier AT YOUR EXPENSE. What's more, insurance companies would once again be able to boot you off coverage at will once you got sick, something the newly-passed Obama plan forbids. Millions now eligible for health care coverage would also again be denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions if this plan were repealed. Only wealthy stockholders and insurance companies would gain from a repeal; YOU would LOSE!

VOTERS BEWARE! THINK TWICE BEFORE VOTING FOR A TEA PARTY OR CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE THIS YEAR! These people will cut your economic throat and further empower big banks, big health insurance, and big pharmaceutical companies AT YOUR EXPENSE! They have NO agenda for job creation or higher wages for those who aren't trust funders or corporate CEOs. Last night, Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele was interviewed on MSNBC's new The Last Word show and was unable to answer the question of exactly what the current minimum wage is. Republican billionaire and Senate hopeful from Connecticut Linda McMahon was unable to answer that very same question at a public forum a few days earlier. It is shameful that neither figure had a clue as to what level the minimum wage is at. But what is positively unforgivable is that both believe the federal government should not be able to establish the rate, that it is too high and supposedly hurts business, and that neither really cares about the fact that the minimum wage is not a livable wage. The ONLY salaries these conservatives care about are their own and those of their wealthy peers, NOT yours or mine. These conservative Republicans and teabaggers offer nothing for the vast majority of us who must work for a living! Their tax breaks for the rich will NOT create new high-paying jobs. They never have. They offer nothing for small business or anything that will aid the elderly or poor. These tax breaks will NOT cut our deficit but will actually ADD to it tremendously. These conservatives don't really care about YOU; all they want is power and control for themselves and their wealthy backers. It would be a far wiser course of action to stay with the America we have today, imperfect as it is, and work to IMPROVE it, rather than adopt the rash and radical course of action the abovementioned Tea Party/Republican candidates are offering. THINK ABOUT IT, FELLOW VOTER. A close look at the Tea Party/Republican America yields a dangerously treacherous and undesirable world for all but the very wealthy!



It reveals something else also Jack. That there is a good percentage of the people who are easily duped by meaningless talking points like "lower taxes" or "less regulation."

We're fighting stupidity and apathy. Those are two tough enemies. How do you convince someone that feels sorry for a millionaire who's tax cut is more than most of us will make in a year?

You can't. The man is an idiot.

But I will be your ally in the fight and keep trying Jack.

Mycue23 said...

As always, right on target, Jack. And speaking of Target, good luck in the playoffs. As you know, I'm pulling for the enemy, but I can honestly say that I wouldn't mind seeing the Twins go all the way this year.

Marc McDonald said...

Nice piece, Jack. I find it interesting how these TeaBagger morons are always babbling on about how so many social programs like Medicare are "unconstitutional."
And yet these same people have no objections to things like Bush's embrace of torture as official state policy, or warrantless wiretaps.
Every time these bastards try to claim the high moral ground on the Constitution, we need to throw the words "torture" and "warrantless wiretaps" in their faces.
We can't let them win this propaganda war like they did on other issues like "Reagan won the Cold War" and "the media is Liberal."
The Right Wing tends to win these battles via brute force (just repeating them over and over ad nauseam).
We on the Left need to counter this propaganda by taking a page from the Wingnuts. Every time they make a bogus claim, we need to smack it down, with cold, hard facts.

Jack Jodell said...

Way to go, Ayatollah Truthmeni 101! We will never convince or win over plutocrats and idiots, but the vast numbr of uncommitted independents out there are the key. They MUST be given enough factual info to make an intelligent decision, and it is our job to provide that vital info.
Thank you, MyCue23. I too hope the Twins will do well this year, but first they must get by the Yanks. And as last night's game proves, that will not be an easy task!
Your comments are right on the money. The far right is so twisted and deceitful that even their perceptions of freedom and how it should be exercised. Torture and warrantless wiretaps are both acts in defiance of freedom. As far as the question of constitutionality goes, it would seem that giving an abstract entity like a corporation the same rights as a living, breathing individual being, and thereby permitting such an entity to control large groups of individuals through economic bullying, depriving them of a fair shot at economic advancement, would definitely be an unconstitutional move. Of course, such logic has yet to sink into the skulls of the hard core reactionary plutocrats which dominate the Roberts Supreme Court...

Lisa G. said...

Awesome rant Jack!

Jack Jodell said...

Thanks, Lisa G. Slightly more dramatic than usual. I just wanted to shock some sensibility into the heads of those who may be undecided or who think they may not vote this election.

mud_rake said...

And with FoxNews and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce fighting for the GOP/Teabaggers, how does the Democratic Party expect to keep control of Congress?

Just think about this: the GOP/Tea Party has a 24/7 campaign going on with talk radio and FoxNews in their corner. Is it no wonder that so many Americans have been thoroughly propagandized?

This country is going to hell faster than we had imagined.

Jack Jodell said...

You are right on. Ruthless, rife with corruption, greedy, willing to do anything to attain and consolidate its power - am I talking about The Mob? No...just the Republican Party and the corporatist plutocrats like the Chamber of Commerce which bankroll them.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Jack,
I am pleased to be able to pass on that the more sane people of Delaware are now speaking out and pointing out what an atrocity it was that the more moderate Republican did not show up at the polls and instead allowed the radical right wing nut jobs put up O’Donnell as the Senate candidate for the Republican Party.

Even some who voted, “FOR SOME SORT OF CHANGE” are now regretting that they had voted for someone they did not know that much about. Now that it is coming out that she lied about having a college degree, in her youth did practice witchcraft, etc.

With just a couple of weeks until the election, O’Donnell is 20 points (plus or minus) behind the Democratic candidate. So in conclusion, the extreme aspect of the Republican Party has once again just shot themselves in the ASS by rejecting the Moderate Republican Mike Castle, and the now more moderate Democratic will be the new Senator to represent the state of Delaware for the next 6 years. All I can say with pride is, “Democracy Does Work” and the radical extreme aspect of the political spectrum once again looses!!! Tea Party be damn and their longevity in the political world will be just as short lived just as so many of their type have done before them. Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority in the mid 1970’s, Tax Payers Association (remember the “Tax & Spend Democrats” rhetoric and now history has proven the exact inverse) in the early 1980’s, Ross Perot’s Reform Party in the early 1990’s, and now the Tea Party being led by the likes of the dysfunctional Sarah Palin. How so easily the dull, mindless, drones can be so easily led to their own detriment.

Like I have said at the beginning of this posting, Delaware is waking up and getting the Tea Party STOPPED!!!!

Max's Dad said...

First off, please Twins, win one at least. The Yankees are the teabaggers of baseball. Huge, rich and all teabaggie. Great post as usual, Jack.

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Jack,
I just found this out!!! It is too rich!!

Christine O’Donnell’s father acted in television with one of his major roles being “Bozo the Clown.”'Donnell

Jack Jodell said...

Engineer of Knowledge,
Thank you for sharing that info on Delaware. Let us hope the rest of the nation and the GOP as well will soon come to the same realization Delaware has!
Thanks, Max's Dad. Let's hope we progressives fare better against the insane teabagger crowd than the Twins did against the Yankees.VERY frustrating!
Engineer of Knowledge,
I saw that, too. But even though he wasn't a "real" Bozo, his daughter sure gr4w up to become one! LOL!

Engineer of Knowledge said...

Hello Jack,
As all of the local TV News stations are running the Political Ads that would cover the Delmarva Peninsula, (Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia) I get to see them all for this area.

It is a sad statement when the pro-O’Donnell’s ads have to start off with her in front of a black background, doing her best Sarah Palin impression, with the statement, “I am not a witch.” Then ending her political ad with, “I am you.”

I am encouraged by those speaking out now in Delaware against O’Donnell’s run for the Senate seat and how did this atrocity get as far as it did. Those speaking out are the Moderate Republicans in Delaware as the Democrats are grateful for the Tea Party’s influence that has destroyed the Republican’s chances not only for the Senate seat but it is spilling over into other races in the state.

We are seeing the beginning of the end of the Tea Party!!!

Jack Jodell said...

Engineer of Knowledge,
I agree that the O'Donnell ad is one of the most amateurish and pathetic political ads in TV history. One phony Sarah Palin is one too many; we surely don't need a very flawed clone. O'\Donnell is NOT you, I, or anybody else who is a reasoned and responsible person. Like Palin, she is an immature personality who craves attention and money. They are both thoroughly self-centered individuals who do not deserve high political office.

I sincerely hope your last sentence is true. I am confident O'Donnell will crash and burn in this election. The best thing she could do for herself, her state, and the entire country would be to go out and get a real job and stick with it.

Suzan said...

And to balance it out, they want to eliminate the 14th?

Love you!


Gotta love that second amendment!