Thursday, September 30, 2010


As I look over the state of our nation today, with 15 million still unemployed, our infrastructure crumbling, the level of quality for our pundits and politicians at its lowest point ever, I ask myself the following questions:

CARLY FIORINA? California, are you serious? You're toying with the idea of electing her Senator? The woman Michael Malone, columnist for the Wall Street Journal and, called "the worst CEO in [Silicon] Valley history"? Whom Jeffrey Schoenfeld of the Yale School of Management said "...sliced shareholder wealth in half and and had a reign of terror that was infamous for its scapegoating, finger-pointing culture" during her disastrous tenure as Hewlett Packard's CEO? The woman who laid off 20,000 workers there but who unhesitatingly took a $21 million golden parachute when her board finally asked her to leave? California teabaggers and Republicans, you'll run ANYBODY for office, huh? By the way, Carly, YOUR hair doesn't look that good or today, either!

GLENN BECK? The guy who lost scores of sponsors after his comments about the President being a racist who hates white people? The vain little guy with the 1955 image who concocts all kinds of crazy conspiracy theories and tries to sucker unsuspecting fools into buying overpriced gold coins from one of his few remaining sponsors? THIS guy is STILL on Fox "News" and still has viewers?

KEN BUCK for Senate? Say it ain't so, Colorado! You're thinking of electing a guy who called Social Security "horrible, bad policy", and who further questioned its constitutionality? A guy who, according to the Colorado Statesman “emphasized his conservative values, expressing his opposition to the principle of separating church and state” at a forum at Colorado Christian University? What about the constitutionality of THAT, Buck?

MEG WITMAN? For GOVERNOR, California? The former CEO of eBay who knowingly lied about employing an illegal immigrant housekeeper for 9 years, denied that she had, and then was proven to be a liar on televiosion with a document signed by her husband that the housekeeper's attorney dug up and produced? The candidate who cut this servant loose and told her that if anyone ever asked about her having worked for her, she would deny ever knowing her? Man, you California teabaggers and Republicans WILL take ANYBODY, won't you? I'm hoping California VOTERS will be a bit more selective, though...

MICHELE BACHMANN? REALLY, Minnesota 6th District voters? You're going to re-elect this motormouth who is constantly making insane statements and accusations? The woman who has advocated getting rid of the minimum wage? Who has urged constituents to not fill out their U.S. Census forms? Who has said she wants voters "armed and dangerous" to descend on the nation's capitol? THIS eccentric lunatic?

SARAH PALIN? THIS woman STILL has a sizable following, even though she quit her responsibilities as Alaska's Governor in mid-term so that she could make more money for herself on book tours and in speaking apperances? THIS woman, who knows next to nothing about history, geography, law, and world events but who nonetheless thinks she's qualified to be President? WHAT???

CHRISTINE O'DONNELL? Delaware, you CAN'T be serious, can you? You're contemplating electing to the U.S. Senate this bimbo with no work experience, who can't control her money, uses campaign donations for personal expenses, and who has repeatedly and deliberately misrepresented her education level? This person who believes science is creating rats with human brains? Have you lost ALL your standards, Delaware?

RUSH LIMBAUGH? ARE YOU kidding me? This liar who hates the President, minorities, immigrants, anybody not just like him (everybody, I guess) --- this guy is still on the air? This buffoon, who makes insane statements like the President is going to force all males to be circumsized, and that he is going to outlaw fishing? THIS blabbering bag of hot air still has listeners who follow him and believe what he says is true?




Marc McDonald said...

And let's not forget New York GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino, who, (as Huffington Post noted) sent around or forwarded on to friends, associates and coworkers a series of offensive emails.

One of these emails featured a video entitled "Obama Inauguration Rehearsal" which showed an African tribesman dancing. Another email featured a fake motivational poster, with the words: "Holy Shit. Run, niggers, run!"

BTW, if case you think Paladino is some obscure Tea Party nut with no chance of being elected, keep in mind that a recent poll showed that he is down by a mere 6 points in his race for governor.

Jack Jodell said...

Thanks for pointing out that important ommission, Marc. He's also the arrogant goon who threatened to "take out" (i.e. snuff out, punch out, whatever) a New York Post reporter. And how did I overlook Sharron Angle, the Nevada Senate candidate who runs away from reporters? Where do these wackos come from? How low has our country sunken to have produced this poor caliber of candidates?

Suzan said...

How about that fraud Virginia Foxx in NC?

She pretends to have no education in order to reap the votes of real fools.

She is a grad of UNC (they don't let fools graduate, although they do allow them to attend briefly).

Love ya!


Jerry Critter said...

I think that the Carly Fiorina picture is actually of her opponent Barbara Boxer.

Jack Jodell said...

Yes, she's a real wacko too, who says our current economic problems didn't start until the Dems "took over" in 2007.
OMG- what a mistake! I'll fix it right away!

Shaw Kenawe said...

But...but...our rightwing pal, Silverfiddle says we leftwingers can't deal with good looking Republican woman like O'Donnell, Bachmann, and Palin. LOL!

It's not their looks that get us worked up, it's their bimboism and total lack of any knowledge of anything except how to promote themselves.

The Goopers loves themselve pretty dumb women.

mud_rake said...

My cousin from Germany is visiting me and I shared with him some of the nonsense stuff that those characters in your post have been 'selling' to America. He cannot believe the stupidity of America if, in fact, they would elect such nincompoops.

The man comes from a society where social service is mandated for all of the German males and he feels that this experience alone helps the Germans understand what great benefits ensue from a society which works together towards a common goal.

As I was explaining the idiocy of the statements and plans of the Tea Party, he would interject, "That's stupid" or "You don't mean that!"

Sadly, I did mean that, no matter how dumb the 'plan.' He is dumbfounded at our political landscape and said, "That would never happen in Germany!"

No, it wouldn't, but it's commonplace here in the U.S. of A.

Jack Jodell said...

Shaw Kenawe,
Thanks for stopping by. I would say beauty is only skin-deep. In the case of those three examples, I'd say they're all pretty ugly underneath, being as ignorant, dishonest, and self-serving as each of them are. That is also a particular trait found in right-wingers, to place image before substance...
Thanks for sharing. I have friends in the Netherlands who also can't believe we elect morons like Bush and Palin. We could learn a lot from Europe and Canada, too, if only we weren't so ethnocentric and insulated as a whole!---------------

Lisa G. said...

Why is it when the Repubs finally get some women in their party that they are as dumb as a box of rocks and only out for themselves? This country has gone mad.

Word verification: richiess

Jerry Critter said...

Because you have to be "dumb as a box of rocks and only out for [yourself]" to believe the republican lies.

Jack Jodell said...

Lisa G,
I think Jerry put it quite well, but I'll add this: Republicans like dumb, compliant types, and they hate intelligent, rational thinkers, and educated college-types, too. One exception, though: the only educated types they really like and trust are those who readily support their plutocratic linje of thinking on economics.
Well put. You nailed it.

mud_rake said...


There is a slight bit of hope on the horizon these last few days. Have you seen that the polling is indicating a 'tightening' of the races? Perhaps this nation has not COMPLETELY LOST its MIND and perhaps there is yet still a bit of wisdom in our citizens after all.

Jack Jodell said...

Let's certainly hope so!

K. said...

Someone might ask Silverf*** why the right can deal only with women who are good looking and brain dead. Anyway, I'll take ours over theirs any time.

Jack Jodell said...

Thanks for stopping by.It's pretty obvious that the only candidates the overly image-conscious and marketing-savvy Repubs EVER run, male OR female, are "attractive" ones, movie stars, or sports heroes. The reason is, all they have to offer is image, not brains or substance.And that's why, once they get into office, they never produce anything original or of value, and simply suck up to big money. It would be nice if the GOP would once more offer constructive alternatives, as they did in part 50-60 years ago, but ever since 1980, that went down the toilet.