Friday, August 6, 2010


With my computer down, it's sure bben boring staring at the same old four walls all the time in my study. I needed new scenery before me to keep me inspired and to fire me up. So I wallpapered the wall in front of my computer. This ought to keep me rarin' to go through the November mid-terms. Below is what my wallpaper looks like...

(Actually, many of these images are available for purchase online as posters, t shirts, buttons, or bumper stickers. I found them by googling anti-Republican signs, banners, buttons, and posters, one by one. Some even came from good ol' TomCat's fabulous politicsplus site. Thanks, TomCat! :-)).

OK, my friends: I hope to be back in commission within the next 5-7 days or so, and will once again renew my muckraking against out-of-touch corporatist politicians and exposing the fallacies and hypocrisy of the current Tea Party movement and today's ultra-conservative Republican Party!


Vigilante said...

When you want to go forward, shift into D; When you want to go backwards, shift into R !

Tim said...

If I can help in some way just yell.
I'd go nuts without my computer.
I think my son has a good chance at working for apple. So maybe a new computer is possible for us.
Good luck

jadedj said...

Well actually, Flush a Rush came from my site...I created it. But that's OK, I intended it to be spread about...he deserves it.

TomCat said...

You could have found a lot of those at my place, but be careful. People are going to see that top pic and pee on your wall.

Jack Jodell said...

Haaaa! Good one!
Thanks, my friend, and good luck to your son!
Thanks for your creativity and the great idea!
Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Love that sense of humor! And a number of these DID come from your fabulous site. Keep up the great work!

Lisa G. said...

What happened to your computer? I love your wallpaper - it will at least keep you awake during the midterms.

jadedj said...

Thank you :-). Michelle Shitmann is next on my list. Although, the list is getting longer, on a daily basis. There are so many to choose from.

Suzan said...

Love it!

You are keeping me sane one more day.


Jack Jodell said...

Lisa G,
After 5 years of very heavy usage, including even 3 1/2 years for a business that finally went kaput, it, too, finally died. A new one (better quality, updated software, etc.) should be arriving this next week. Then it will be back to the relentless exposing of conservative Republican lies and fallacies!
We'll ALL be looking anxiously for that one---can't wait! :-)
I'm glad, because there is a lot of stark-raving teabagger and conservative Republican insanity out there! :-)

TomCat said...

And you're welcome to anything there, Jack. We're on the same side, so thou shalt steal.

But TonCat?!!? Does my ass look THAT fat in these jeans? ;-)

Jack Jodell said...

Sorry for the typo---damn library computers with their tiny, far away screens!