Monday, August 10, 2009


Two of the sites I frequently visit for insightful, well written, and excellently reasoned posts are Manifesto Joe's Texas Blues ( and Beggars Can Be Choosers ( I recently commented on Manifesto Joe's site about how I believed this current Republican madness and hysteria being staged at Town Hall meetings was a fad that would eventually pass, as such unreasonableness could not possibly survive long under its own weight. Beggars Can Be Chooser's Marc McDonald also posted a comment on that same blog, in answer to mine, which I found to be very thought provoking. There may be great truth to what Marc says, which I post below. I hope not, but it may very well be true. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the abovementioned sites may wish to visit them. They are always a great read!

Marc's comments:

"America seems to be entering a new Dark Ages. Superstition and ignorance are increasingly replacing science and reason.
Alone among First World nations, America has a sizeable population that rejects everything from Darwin to global warming.
The likes of Sarah Palin actually revel in their ignorance.
Public education continues to deteriorate.
Fewer and fewer Americans read.
A good portion of Americans are fat, smug, clueless and totally ignorant about the rest of the world.
I fear we may be at the edge of an abyss of a new Dark Ages.
With the collapsed economy and the voices of hate and ignorance growing louder, I fear that we are in for some very grim times ahead, as America moves closer to Third World status."

I found these comments to be profoundly chilling, and I thank Marc for his brilliance, passion, and insight in presenting them. Could it be that we are becoming, or have become, what John F. Kennedy feared we would become, a "soft" nation unable to meet the demands or challenges of the day? It is a horrifying and sobering thought, but one which deserves deep consideration in light of recent events!


Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Hi Jack! I think you were right to post Marc's points.

Perhaps I might try to rebut?

I think we are coming to the end of seriously Dark Times. The ignorance that has curled up by the American fireside is being singed into the common awareness. The dolts are screaming indignantly because of the threat they face in the light of tolerant intelligence and unquestionably empirical science, that is proving itself all too quickly. True; 30% or so of America is fat, lazy and corn fed refusal to wake up stupid... but their children are questioning. Sarah Palin is one of the last show horses' in the repressive Repub race to show... and she's spraining herself all too much.
I can not argue that not enough of us read. But I do take heart in how for years I've taken my nephew and his football buddies to the lines to purchase the latest Harry Potter for years! [Yea; for my side!] Nor can it be argued that we face lifestyle challenges that could condemn us to generations of 'third world-dom'... The economy is fresh with the need we have to invent new energy sources and making handmade what it should return to, the backbone of opportunity for anyone with ideas and commitment. The status strives to be 'one world' planet, open to a global economy in which we all participate in!

When America is faced with THE DARK... up she rises! The glass is half full. I think we are closer to a new age, where knowledge socks it to belief and knocks it down... a time when we all do it for ourselves... rallying round the country and the failing health of the planet. You know, belly up to the bar boys. The glass is really half full.

Obama is all about Hope. No matter how frustrated I am at his directions lately... I'm sticking by Hope...

Yet... like I said, Marc's points are the 'other half' of the glass... and we've drunk from it too long.
Just saying and ty for giving me the ability to comment! And thanks to Marc for his side of it, too!

Manifesto Joe said...

Hi, Jack, thanks so much for the plug: I think Sarah "Klondike Hottie" Palin is actually trying to position herself for leadership of sort of a neo-fascist movement in America, and the health care issue is what is getting those jackboots to marching right now. I've got a new post on the subject.

Jack Jodell said...

Thanks, Gwendolyn, for presenting the "up" side of things. I see among the younger generation some hopeful signs of rejecting racial/sexual preference bias, and the country clearly has had enough of Bushonomics. But Marc is right in that people's memories are very short, and many are apathetic and can be fooled by the biggest lie and the louding voice, both of which the right are practicing abundantly. One thing we should keep in mind, too, is that a noisy and extreme minority may get all the attention, but they do not necessarily a majority make. I just don't know what to think at this point. I guess the next few weeks, months, and years will tell the tale...
Manifesto Joe, the militancy and hatred being spewed forth by extremists, and the fact that much of it has been cybically and dishonestly manufactured is what concerns me. I guess we have to see how all this plays out. I'll look forward to your post, and will head there now. Thank you, and thanks again to Marc for giving us all these thoughts for consideration.

Manifesto Joe said...

Here's one for Gwendolyn:

Democrats say: The glass is half-full.

Republicans say: The glass is MINE.

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Gwendolyn, thanks for your thoughtful response. And thanks to you Jack, for your kind words.

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

You are so welcome Marc! Reading your pages now...thanks to Jack.

Hey Manifesto Joe! (love the handle)
U got me dude! Like so f'n true! MINE MINE MINE... it's true. LOL