Sunday, April 26, 2009


"When defeat is inevitable, it is wisest to yield."
- Marcus Fabuis Quintilianus -

"I think everyone should experience defeat once in their career. You learn a lot from it."
- Lou Holtz -

A current Star Tribune Minnesota Poll published in today's Minneapolis Star Tribune shows that nearly two thirds of Minnesota voters (64%) believe that Republican Norm Coleman should accept the decision of his recent court trial and concede defeat to Al Franken for the unoccupied Minnesota US Senate seat. This, of course, the stubborn and self-centered Coleman will not do, though. He filed an appeal with the Minnesota Supreme Court, but indications are they will not even take the case up until at least June 1, nearly SEVEN FULL MONTHS after last November's election. Only 28% felt that Coleman's appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court was "appropriate."

73% polled believe Coleman must give up if he loses his Minnesota Supreme Court appeal, as is almost certain he will. Less than one in five (only 18%) believe if he loses there, he should file an appeal in Federal Court and continue his pursuit.

Take THAT, Texas Senator and troublemaker John Cornyn, and kindly mind your own business! And, if you will, please note that Coleman's approval rating with Minnesota voters now stands at only 38%, while his UNfavorable rating now stands at 55% and growing. Did you hear me, Cornyn?

Face it, Norm. You lost. Even your state is against you, Norm. CONCEDE! Your state deserves their Senator, even though it will not be you. Just listen, Norm: Minnesota voters have spoken. Twice.


SJ said...

makes you wonder what if Al Gore had been just as steadfast in 2000 as Al Franken was in 2008? What if Al Gore had insisted on all the recounts and due diligence the country deserved?
What if?

Jack Jodell said...

Yeah, we would never have had that bastard Bush to contend with! Our Constitution would still be intact! We wouldn't be in a near-depression! The list goes on and on...

Max's Dad said...

Norma will be really be pressured to hang on now that Spector has switched sides. I also see that the crazy woman is blaming the swine flu on the Democrats. Wow!

Jack Jodell said...

I think "Norma" (ha!) got swine flu of the brain about 1994 when the GOP came calling. You're probably right about the Specter thing---Cornyn will probably finance "Norma"'s appeals all by himself! Grrrrr!!!