Saturday, August 23, 2008



He'll be just like Zell Miller was in 2004: A former Democrat who crosses party lines to actively support and publicly endorse the Republican candidate for President at the Republican National Convention. That's right: On the evening of Monday, September 1, 2008, LABOR DAY evening, he will abandon labor altogether and take active part in the convention of the political party that is opposed to labor and labor unions, has fervently supported union busting, and has even favored shipping American jobs overseas. By doing this, he will be compromising long held political principles on a large scale. And, just like Zell Miller, he will be doing so out of cowardice and fear.

It obviously doesn't matter that the candidate he'll endorse supports a continuation and expansion of Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy. It doesn't matter that his candidate favors continuing tax subsidies for big business and an oil industry that has been binging on record high profits for years at our expense. It doesn't matter that his candidate favors the adoption of more unrestricted "free trade" policies, the likes of which have exported millions of good paying American jobs to foreign slave labor markets overseas. It doesn't matter that his candidate will appoint more "strict constructionist" justices to the Supreme Court, a move that will cement the Executive Branch of our government into an all-powerful entity no longer subject to oversight by the Legislative or Judicial Branches, effectively turning us into a monarchy or mild dictatorship. It doesn't matter that the First and Fourth Amendments to our Constitution will, in essence, become null and void. It doesn't matter that the current corruptly executed practice of privatizing the military, begun by President Bush, will continue unabated and will likely grow in scope and influence, moving us from democracy to oligarchy. It doesn't matter that his candidate has joked that we should "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" and supports continuing the Bush aggressor policy of employing pre-emptive military strikes against countries with whom we differ in opinion or view as a threat.

It defies logic that this former Democrat would support John McCain for President as he does, flying all over the country and world with him and even propping him up when necessary. McCain's new ultra-conservative stances do not represent his economic or philosophical views. So why then is he supporting McCain as he is? He claims close friendship, but evidence strongly suggests a different REAL reason.

This former Democrat is Jewish and has been Israel's staunchest supporter in the Senate during his tenure there. Not to suggest that our important Middle East ally is not deserving of our support, but this man has carried it to an extreme. Even as Israelis abuse native-born Palestinians and further fan the flames of that geographical tinderbox, he proclaims that Israel can do no wrong. He is convinced Bush was right to invade Iraq no matter what, and he, like McCain, has bought into every Bush aggressor military move. He has supported all of Bush's domestic security measures, constitutional or otherwise. He, like McCain and all the other neoconservative Republicans, has been deluded into believing these excessive Bush security measures have prevented us from receiving another 9/11 style attack on our soil. He and McCain steadfastly believe this, even though Bush has left our ports and borders wide open and leaky as sieves EVER SINCE 9/11! His irrational fear of the Jewish homeland being imminently destroyed by surrounding hostile Arab or Muslim states is what has led him to support the Bush administration in all of its illegal and unconstitutional domestic spying, detention, and foreign policy initiatives. Last election, his own state party dumped him for this collusion with Bush.However, with big Republican fundraising money behind him and 70% of the Republican vote, he won re-election with 50% of the total. He declared himself an Independent but stated he would caucus with the Democrats, a calculated move which would give him the Chairmanship of the powerful Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. That was self-serving and aggravating enough, but now has come the final straw. He has decided to officially turn Benedict Arnold and support a man for President who compromises nearly all of his other principles. He will proudly speak on the same night from the same stage as the most arrogant, corrupt, and destructive to our Constitution Vice President ever, Dick Cheney. All under the guise of "friendship" for John McCain and concern for the "lack of experience" of Barack Obama, even though Obama's superb choice of an advisory running mate, Joe Biden, has foreign policy experience even dwarfing that of McCain. Irrational fear does such things to small, weak, deluded and petrified people of this nature.

So watch Senator Joe Lieberman abandon all of his long held principles as he caves in to fear and publicly endorses militaristic, pro-wealthy John McCain at the Republican National Convention on Monday night, September 1. Watch this pathetically timid and wimpy old man cower before the military-industrial complex to spinelessly support their man McCain. Watch him abandon and stab his old colleagues like Joe Biden in the back by endorsing the McCain ticket over his former party's own. Yes, that night you will see Joe Lieberman's turncoat behavior cause him to briefly, and instantly, replace George W. Bush as the most hated man in America!

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Creativity Coach said...

Right! Integrity in polities at it's best would be a McCain/Leiberman ticket. On the Straight Talk Express to Neoconland.