Saturday, May 10, 2008


The Chinese, knowingly and intentionally, export inferior and sometimes dangerous toys and products to be sold here in America. They undercut our manufacturers by illegally pegging the value of their money lower than it should be and by using slave labor. These practices have sent millons of American jobs over to China and have created a massive trade imbalance. Last year, for example, for every $1 of our goods they bought from us, we bought nearly $7 worth of THEIR goods! And what are they doing with this huge influx of cash? Sure, some of it is going into low-paying jobs for Chinese workers, but the vast majority of it is going directly to the Chinese government, and they're using it to rapidly modernize and expand their MILITARY!

We love to blame our government for allowing this to go on, but the REAL fault is OURS---we keep buying these Chinese goods! 70% of us feel Chinese special trading privileges should be suspended until they start trading fairly, and the Chinese government just blows off all attempts by our government to try to straighten this out. People, we don't need the government to fix this problem: WE CAN DO IT OURSELVES!

From June 4-July 4, DO NOT BUY ANY CHINESE MADE PRODUCTS! Just look at the bottom of everything you buy from June 4-July 4: If says "MADE IN CHINA" or "MADE IN PRC"(THIS NOW INCLUDES HONG KONG), just choose another product or none at all. You'll be amazed at the number of Chinese-made products, and you'll be equally amazed at the number of them you can do WITHOUT! For instance, who needs Chinese plastic Easter eggs to celebrate Easter? Use REAL eggs and benefit some AMERICAN farmer! (Just an example). And who needs Chinese-made American flags for the 4th of July? Buy AMERICAN made ones, or imported ones made by countries who trade FAIRLY with us! The point is, don't wait for the government to act---assume control and DO IT YOURSELF!

If 20 million Americans stop buying at least $20 each in Chinese-made goods between June 4-July 4, that is a $1 BILLION trade imbalance resolved IN OUR FAVOR---FAST! The Chinese will definitely get the message when a full 8% of their American export sales vanishes altogether!
Yes, some American businesses will feel a temporary pinch from a 30 day rise in stockpiles of Chinese-made goods, but the Chinese will definitely get a clue that they've GOT to change their act!


PASS THIS MESSAGE ON TO ALL YOU KNOW, and let's send the Chinese a clear message that they must change their trade practices and that their continued arrogance and lawlessness will NOT be worth it for them!

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ganyguy said...

Excellent points here! We get the world we demand. While low proces appeal to everyone, there are costs beneath the surface.

The USA has gone from the largest manufacturer and creditor nation in the world to the largest importer and debtor nation in the world in under 40 years. This trend has been greatly accelerated since the "Vodoo economics" of Ronald Regean. Hmmm, who was it that labeled that approach "Voodoo economics"? THAT's right! - GHW Bush!

Excellent way to start your blog! Looking forward to further insights!